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           Every Time.

Meridian Communications & Construction provides construction services for the wireless communications industry from the ground up.  Our construction services are available in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and more.  Our clients consistently retain our services because we get the job done safely, competently, efficiently and on time.

Some of the services we offer are listed below.  For more information or if you want to know if we can do something get in touch with us.


Working side by side with respected names in the wireless communications and energy industry, Meridian Construction & Communication boasts a reputation for getting the job done competently, efficiently and on time.


Here are a few of the customers we have worked with;


  • American Electric Power

  • Dominion Energy

  • BHE Renewables

  • American Tower

  • AT&T Wireless

  • Bechtel Telecommunications

  • Crown Castle Communications

  • Mas Tec Wireless Services

  • Ntelos

  • SBA Communications

  • Shentel

  • TowerCo

  • Verizon Wireless


If you are interested in employment please email your resumes to

You can also apply through Indeed when jobs are posted.

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